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8 Meter Academy

Game Time Performance present a one-of-a-kind regional training program specifically designed to significantly develop success when playing on the 8 Meter during a free position penalty shot. The 8 Meter Academy specifically trains offense and defense players (including goalies) on how to best perform their role during this critical scoring opportunity.


Offense players will learn the fundamentals of shooting on and within the 8-meter area, as well as understand and use the strategy needed to score in the 80% success range. Defenders will focus on techniques that will greatly assist in isolating, containing, and preventing the shot from being successful. Finally, goalies will learn how to defend against the shooter and how to direct their defense to be more successful in denying the goal.


This program is an all-encompassing program that begins with the mastery of fundamental game paly and continues to use and develop advanced offense and defense player techniques and capabilities. Every player will leave this training program with increased confidence and improved capabilities to make significant change in their own role as a teammate as well as improve their team’s performance.

Training Specifics

This training program will focus on specific and critical areas to significantly improve individual skill levels:

  • Develop successful offense and defense strategies on the 8 meter

  • Fundamental and advanced shooting stance, techniques, and movements

  • Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the different positions on the 8 meter

  • Gain the 80% scoring success rate during the free position  penalty shot

  • Improve response agility and explosiveness on the 8 meter position

  • Understand goalie movements in relation to shooter position and movement throughout the FPS penalty

  • Significantly improve defensive movements, knockdowns, and shooter isolation tactics

Schedule and Availability

This program is offered in a 2 and 4 hour training clinic session only. No custom 1-to1 sessions available at this time.  Maximum 10 players per group session. Small groups provide intense and focused repetitions and skill development.


Group clinic training will be offered in late December 2021 and January 2022 and throughout Summer 2022. 

Clinic Costs

2-hour session (1 session):  $90

4-hour session (2 sessions):  $175

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