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The Game Time Performance team is built upon over 25 years of experience, training, and knowledge that have driven several highly successful high school and club teams to numerous championships and other prestigious accolades. Our team prides itself on mentoring and training dozens of young athletes in achieving placement in all levels of collegiate women's lacrosse teams around the country. We are not just coaches...we are your trainers, mentors, facilitators, guides, and motivators to succeed!  We show you the path to success and help guide you through the tough obstacles and hurdles along the way. Our motto is simple...


We never lose!
       We Win or We Learn

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Carly Larsen

Asst. Goalie Trainer

American University


Erica Ortiz

Asst. Draw / Defense Trainer

Dominican College

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Gianna Coburn

Asst. Goalie Trainer

Queens University of Charlotte

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Molly Witkowski

Asst. Attack Trainer

Worcester State University


Noelle Mendez

Asst. Defense Trainer

SUNY Fredonia

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