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Top Shot
Lacrosse Precision Shooting Training

Every offense player dreams of putting the ball in the back of the net. Some are successful. Top Shot Precision Shooting training not only challenges the traditional shooting paradigm, but proactively has changed the way a shooter approaches their shot. In our program, shooters learn and use every critical component that creates the successful shot on goal.


This unique program targets several instrumental components that significantly increases a shooter’s scoring percentage. The Top Shot program dives into the shooting techniques, shooting style development, and the critical components of biomechanical movements and mechanical leverage in shooting. Shooters will also understand the defensive player counter-movements and roles. Ultimately, the shooter will gain significant confidence not only in their shooting capabilities, but also their explosive movements, tactical decision-making, and their game mindset.

Training Specifics

This training program will focus on specific and critical areas to significantly improve individual skill levels:

  • Dodging and shooting on the move

  • Recognize defensive player movements and counter-movements

  • Understand how the goalie moves in relation to the shooter

  • Improve dynamic decision making

  • Improved precision is shot placement

  • Recognize the biomechanics and mechanical leverage used in shooting

  • Increase explosiveness and agility in shooting movements

  • Continuously develop and adapt game play strategy

Schedule & Availability 

This program is offered in a 2 and 4 hour training clinic session as well as Custom 1-to1 training sessions. Maximum 5 players per group session. Small groups provide intense and focused repetitions and skill development. Custom 1-to-1 sessions focus on individual improvement in key areas of strength and areas needing improvement.


Group clinic training will be offered in late December 2021 and January 2022 and throughout Summer 2022. 

Individual 1-to-1 training sessions are available for immediate training and scheduling

Session Cost

Custom 1-to-1 Session: $45 per hour

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