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Riding the Crease
Crease Roll Training Clinic

One of the most dynamic offense plays in lacrosse is the crease roll shot. Riding the crease brings an electric feeling to the game that often leaves the shooter and the goalie in the inevitable 1 v 1 confrontation that brings everyone to their feet. Game Time Performance presents Riding the Crease: Crease Roll Training Clinic that teaches the shooter how to maximize their scoring success by creating explosive, but precise movement and shooting capability that overwhelms and overcomes a goalie’s ability to defend the crease and deny the goal. Riding the Crease is for any attack and midfield player who wants to add this explosive capability to their game toolbox.

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Training Specifics

This training program will focus on specific and critical areas to significantly improve individual skill levels:

  • Improved tactics and strategy to gain position advantage

  • Understand goalie dynamic positioning and their movements

  • Improve shooter positioning and movement around the crease

  • Understand the importance of gaining shooting angle superiority

  • Creating success from both side of the crease

  • Improved shooting style, movement, and shooting technique

  • Using defensive screens for shooter advantage

Schedule and Availability

This program is offered in a 2 and 4 hour training clinic session as well as Custom 1-to1 training sessions. Maximum 5 players per group session. Small groups provide intense and focused repetitions and skill development. Custom 1-to-1 sessions focus on individual improvement in key areas of strength and areas needing improvement.


Group clinic training will be offered in late December 2021 and January 2022 and throughout Summer 2022. 

Individual 1-to-1 training sessions are available for immediate training and scheduling

Clinic Costs

2-hour session (1 session):  $80

4-hour session (2 sessions):  $150

Custom 1-to-1 Session: $55 per hour

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