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Cage Sentinels
Goalie Training

Are you tired of just being shot on by your team and they call that practice?

Do you feel that you would be a much better player if you

had the right level of training?

Do you feel you are missing something from

your current training?

Well…You’re Not Alone!


The Game Time Performance training team is proud to present the Cage Sentinels lacrosse goalie training program. The Cage Sentinels wants goalies like you to build your skills and increase your confidence so you can play to your highest level. Stop wasting time and energy on ineffective training.

Our program focuses not only on mastering the fundamentals of the goalie position but targets the tactical abilities while improving the technical skills needed to be a highly successful goalie. Reinforcement of stance, goal position, hand and eye coordination, footwork, speed, agility, and explosiveness will be the primary concentration in this program. All players will be assessed throughout the program as well as receive post-training plans to use during off training time.

Finally, the players will be able to evaluate their improvement with the use of video analysis and Fit light Training System. This program is open to boy and girl goalies of all age groups who have a motivation and drive to be the best in their position. Train harder and smarter with the Cage Sentinels training. Let our expertise guide to through your next season.

Training Specifics

This training program will focus on specific and critical areas to significantly improve individual skill levels:

  • Improve your tactical and technical game play

  • Increase performance and precision under stress

  • Improve footwork, agility, speed, and explosiveness

  • Increase save percentage and create turnovers

  • Improve hand, eye, & stick coordination

  • Use strong communication to direct your team more effectively

  • Defend the crease more successfully

  • Shut down offense players using specialty or “trick” shots

  • Change the game through effective clears

  • Develop a championship mindset

Schedule & Availabilty

This program is offered primarily in a custom 1-to-1 training program with small group training clinics offered in the spring and summer of 2022. Custom 1-to-1 sessions focus on individual improvement in key areas of strength and areas needing improvement. Small groups (Maximum 5 players per group) provide intense and focused repetitions and skill development.


Individual 1-to-1 training sessions are available for immediate training and scheduling

Group clinic training will be offered in late December 2021 and January 2022 and throughout Summer 2022. 

Clinic Costs

Custom 1-to-1 Session: $45 per hour

Small Group Clinics (two 90-minute sessions):  $90 

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