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Personal Profile


Nora Hanlon

Lead Trainer

Draw Control Specialist / Offense


Nora Hanlon is Game Time Performance’s Lead Trainer for Draw Control Specialists and Offense Players. Nora is an undergraduate student (Junior) at West Virginia University (WVU) where she is studying Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology with a triple minor in Health & Nutrition, Scholastic Coaching, and Counseling.

A multi-sport high school athlete, Nora's love for lacrosse was readily apparent by her ever dominating force on the lacrosse field. As a highly successful offense player, Nora was tremendous off the draw where she was exceptional at gaining possession that created rapid transitions down the field setting up scoring opportunities. Equally as impressive was her defensive prowess.  Nora's surgical skillset was invaluable in aiding her defensive teammates in shutting down scoring drives. Ultimately, Nora was instrumental in guiding and leading her team to two Section and two Division championship titles. Her other accolades included 3x varsity Midfield MVP, 2x Overall MVP First Team All Star, 2x All Division Team, 2x All Section Team. What clearly separated Nora from most players on the field is her ability to motivate and lead her team to success. 

Nora has been a starting midfielder and draw control specialist for WVU since her freshman year (2020). Like her game play in high school, Nora has brought her determination, drive, and passion for the game to the college level and continues to be a dominating force on the field. Her tremendous leadership, skillsets, and game IQ is unsurpassed which makes her such a threat on the field. In 2020, Nora was awarded the Midfield MVP and in 2021 she received the Offense MVP award. Her continuing hard work has not gone unnoticed as she is currently ranked #2 draw controller in WCLL-D1.

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