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Passionate About Inspiring and Motivating Others

Game Time Performance (GTP) is New York's Hudson Valley region and the tristate area’s premiere performance training group, focused specifically on training athletes for girl’s and women’s lacrosse. From youth league and club programs, to high school through college play, we provide that next level of training to assist you in reaching the top of your game. We have created highly skilled training programs, focused on improving individual capabilities, preparing and developing athletes for the highly competitive game of lacrosse.


In today’s lacrosse culture, the level of competition is at the highest it’s been in decades. We believe that having a stick in hand throughout the year can be the difference in being a good player or a great player. However, practice can no longer be the primary method to being prepared to perform. Now…right now… athletes must have the opportunity to, not only be trained, but be trained in their specific position at the highest level of performance attainable. There is a significant difference in those who only PRACTICE versus those athletes who are TRAINED for their specific position. Most lacrosse programs provide that great opportunity to PRACTICE the game, but very few programs have the ability or the resources to provide dedicated TRAINING that is focused on improving performance on an individual level. 


GTP’s unique approach combines traditional coaching methods with innovative training techniques. We incorporate science-based neuro-fitness and cognitive sports training platforms, using state-of-the-art technology such as FightLight, data and video analytics, and VR technology, that take our program to the next level. Our training models successfully drive the development of high-level skill sets and improve performance in competition by providing real-time data analytics. Real-time performance analysis connects perception to action; allowing us to see real results in real time. By revolutionizing performance-based training using real time analytics and corrective instruction, the GTP team has the ability to customize programs for the individual needs of each athlete, as well as create dynamic group situation training programs designed to quickly improve performance.  


At GTP, we dedicate our success to focusing on critical athletic performance areas using the following training applications:

  • Reaction and response time training

  • Speed, agility, and explosiveness

  • Cognitive function processing and dynamic decision making

  • Peripheral vision and response

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Situational and spatial awareness

  • Fine motor control and coordination


The focal point of the training offered by GTP ranges from fundamentals in techniques to highly specialized situational tactics and performance response. More importantly, the GTP training program is not only highly innovative, but uses many out-of-the-box tactics and techniques that are grounded in and supported by traditional training methods. Combining these traditional training methods with contemporary sports science research and technology allows the team at GTP to assist in developing the athlete to their fullest potential. 


It is time to change the paradigm! Let us stop thinking that practice is training! The time is now to train our female lacrosse athletes as we would train any other athlete in any other sport. Our goal at GTP is to close the gap in the training available for our female lacrosse athletes and to help cultivate their future performance in the fastest game on two feet. 


At Game Time Performance…we train Smarter to Perform better!

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